Who Am I?

My name is Yakir Garavelas and I am a game/level designer and story writer.

20160814_144836.jpg   <– That’s me!

I love stories and there’s no better way to immerse ourselves within one by taking an active part in it, soak the environment, meet the characters, and feel the thrill of an adventure than by reading one or playing a game.

Every game has a story of its own, an entire universe, and I have been truly blessed with an unmeasured passion for the craft of game making and storytelling since I was a kid. I would create anything from short dungeons to long campaigns for Dungeons & Dragons or just for fun, and still do to this very day. throughout the years I have created my own games with their own core set rules which were very similar to D&D at first but then started to take a shape of their own, as these things often do.

It is not unusual to find friends and family gathering at my house to try my latest creation – whether a card game, a board game or a new prototype for an idea. I use them as guinea pigs (Muahahaha!). This helps me bring out the universe that I build in my head and the stories it has to tell. I enjoy seeing an audience having fun with my creations.

As mentioned earlier I also write short stories. These writings are heavily inspired by my love for fantasy, science fiction, horror, and the thematic tales within the genres. My intention is to build a collection and publish it as an eBook so I can share the worlds that I create with others.

I live in California with my wife and four daughters, our depressed dog, and a lazy lizard with dreams of grandeur.




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